Peninsula Tree Service

Mornington Peninsula Tree Services

We specialise in all aspects of tree services, from full tree removal to pruning, dead wooding, contract mulching and stump grinding. We service Frankston, Rosebud, Rye through to Sorrento and Portsea, covering the entire Mornington Peninsula.

Our Complete Tree and Stump Removal Services

Expert Tree Services 

Peninsula Tree Service offers full removal of trees as well as cutting, trimming and pruning services. We are able to completely remove your trees as well as stumps.

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Stump Grinding Services

Tree stump grinding is the safest way to remove the stump and any surface roots, ready for you to build over or landscape. Peninsula Tree Service offers a complete stump grinding solution with all equipment suppled to remove the stump leaving a clear and tidy area ready for you.

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Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree branch removal and pruning will keep your trees looking tiding while also stop branches from obstructing views and buildings. We can deal with the removal of dangerous limbs to hedging in order to keep your property safe and your trees looking great.

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